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Pheasant Bow Hunting

If you want to hunt pheasants the old fashioned way, why not try using your trusty bow? This way, you can be close to nature and the hunting experience will be considerably more pleasurable and hopefully, just as rewarding as when hunting with a rifle. However, bow hunting pheasants is more difficult to master and it takes lots of exercise before getting the hang of it.

First of all, you need to pick out a bow, but the question is which one? Well, you should know that some of the popular brands are Hoyt, Bowtech, Diamond and High Country. Always buy one from a well-reputed store that has experienced staff as only they can point you to the right product. They will be capable of recommending you the correct sized bow by taking into consideration your stature and size, along with tips that will improve your efficiency.
Second of all, as mentioned in the first paragraph, you need to practice a lot, especially if this is your first time. You will have to build up the right muscles for efficiently drawing the bow. In addition, after practicing, you will have to be able to hit targets from various positions. Despite the fact that standing with your legs together will give you the necessary strength, you need to know that once you will reach the hunting field, things change and you will have to make shots from different positions. Experts in the domain recommend practicing by taking shots while standing upright and crouching with the bow.

Whether you prefer hunting from a blind or a stand, don't forget to verify if you have enough room in order to draw your bow back. Before the chance to take down a pheasant occurs, verify the space for trees and obstacles. You might as well prepare the area in front of the stand by setting up markers. It is advisable to put a rock at 10, 20, and 30 yards and so on as it will give you a clear marker of distance when hunting pheasants. By doing so you will be able to draw your bow far enough so that the arrow will not fall short.

Don't forget to check that you have a clear shooting lane before making a shot. Any tree branches or other things that might obstruct your vision will have a negative impact on your arrows, meaning that you will miss or even worse, hit something else. Pheasant bow hunting can be done with the help of your trustworthy dogs as they can flush out more of these birds and retrieve them after the deadly shot. Check our pheasant hunting dogs and pheasant dog training sections to learn more about this topic.

It is highly recommended that prior to heading out to the hunting field you do a little bit of research as far as the weather conditions are concerned and the power of the wind. The direction, strength and speed of the wind will greatly affect the way in which the pheasants fly. In addition, the condition of the wind will also have an impact on your shooting range and, for this reason, it is advisable to pick out slightly heavier arrows if you plan to hunt in stronger winds. The wind can be used to your advantage if you play your cards right by installing the blind or stand downwind. If you do this, it will make you less likely to be spotted by these clever little birds.

Pheasant Bow Hunting Videos