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The Silver Pheasant

General info
The Silver Pheasant is a species of pheasant that can be found mainly in the mountains of mainland Southeast Asia, as well as in the southern and eastern part of China. In addition, some populations have been introduced in Hawaii and other areas in the United States. The male features a black and white color pattern while the female is mostly brown. Both of the sexes have red legs and a red face. The legs separate it from the Kalij Pheasant which has grayish legs. The males belonging to the northern species, which are the largest among other species, feature white upperparts and tail, while their underparts and the crest are glossy bluish-black. The southern species male has greyer upperparts and a tail that features extensive black markings. Females are brown and have a shorter tail while some of the subspecies have whitish underparts with black patterns. The silver pheasant feathersare being used for creating decorations for tables, vases, walls and others.
Pictures Habitat
The bird is native to Southeast Asia, primarily in the countries of Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Its habitat in these countries is diverse, as it can make both grasslands and heavy forests its home. In addition to its natural habitat, it has also been introduced in Hawaii and other portions of the United States.
The silver pheasant eats plant matter like fruits and seeds. In search for food, it will scratch the ground with the feet and from time to time it will dig with the bill. According to the season, it will also eat invertebrates. They usually eat in the morning hours of the day as well as in the evening.
The breeding season varies according to the range. They nest on the ground and the clutch contains 6 up to 9 eggs. The species is known to breed in small groups and the silver pheasant chicks will hatch during the wet season of the year. Incubation lasts in captivity approximately 25-26 days. The parents only guide them in searching the food sources and protect them from potential predators.
Their most avid predators are coyotes, but also other, bigger birds such as hawks and falcons.
Hunting Tips & Tricks
Several aspects that any hunter should take into consideration when going hunting for silver pheasants are using a good hunting dog, making sure that the hunting place is near the water and that practice makes perfect. Choosing the right dog is very important, because it will definitely affect your hunt. Also, during hot weather, birds tend to stay near the water, therefore that is certainly a good place for hunting. So, if you want to know what are the other tips, you can read more in the Tips & Tricks section.der to reach a covered area.
Interesting Facts
There are many interesting things about pheasant, such as the fact that their lifespan ranges from 15 to 25 years. Also, they are very secretive birds and can be easily alarmed. Crowding them should be avoided, as they can have a tendency towards cannibalism.
Their call has a wide variety of vocalizations, including a drawn whistle and even a clucking sound.

Silver Pheasant Videos