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Pheasant Hunting Vests

If you are looking for a pheasant vest you must make sure that it comes with all the accessories that you need. First of all, it is recommended to get one that has a transmitter pad so that you will be able to hold your electronic gadgets easily taking into consideration that you can put them in the shoulder straps. You will not have to reach for them inside the backpack which would normally take you a lot of time if you will be carrying a lot of other pheasant hunting equipment.

A high quality pheasant hunting vest should feature a gear keep in order to make sure that all of the electronic gadgets stay in one place even though you will be moving around. Make sure that it is fully retractable so that you will not have to fret when detaching a device of the vest every time you need to use it.

Choose one of the pheasant hunting vests that come with a siphon tube as it will make things a little bit easier for you when refilling the hydration pack.

In addition, a tube strap should be in place so that the hydration system tube located in your front shell pocket will not move around regardless of what happens. A jacket that has a bite valve along with a switch is recommended so that the hydration kit will work properly at all times..

Most of these vests are made out of canvas or waxed canvas in order to absorb the abuse of rough plant cover. This system allows the hunter to add or remove sleeves so that he can create a full jacket or use it as a vest. Also included may be the fleece layers while in the warmer climates, these vests can be made out of a mesh material which allows the air to circulate around the body of the hunter.

Top 5 Amazon Pheasant Hunting Vests

Below there is a list with the best pheasant hunting vests found by our researchers. Any of the products can be bought by clicking the "Buy from amazon.com" button. In order to find more info about a certain product click on the title of the product and you will be redirected to the product's details page.