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Cleaning A Pheasant

Step No. 1 - You must remove the pheasant's skin completely, leaving on only the head - put your weight on the wings and pull as hard as you can. Word of advice: do not gut. Take things slow and thoroughly.

Step No. 2 - Once you have completed the first step you must hold the breast in your hand (with the pheasant's head away from you).

Using a game shears you must cut along one side of the pheasant's spine all the way lengthwise out to the bird's tail.

Step No.3 - Do the exact same thing you have done in the previous step but this time on the opposite side of the bird's spine.

Step No.4 - At this point you must grab the pheasant's neck and pull as hard as you can. Now you have a fully-gutted bird that is ready for a rinse and into the refrigerator.

Piece of advice: don't breast pheasants and toss the thighs and legs because pheasants aren't geese.

Split the bird and freeze the breasts for separate meals; take all the legs and thighs and pressure cook them for about an hour. Let them cool afterwards and pour onto a large brownie pan.

Next pick out all of the bones and tendons. Once you have done so, you will have a large amount of tasty dark meat for a pheasant wild rice soup, or a stew, the choice is up to you.

Pheasant Cleaning Video

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