Pheasant Taxidermy

Preserving animals in their natural form is something that can be done by professionals, but also by each of us. Below you will find various companies which can make this job for you.

Jackalope Junction
All of their taxidermy mounts are done in Wyoming by professional taxidermists. Many of them are mounted in Wyoming drift wood. They offer taxidermy not only for pheasants but also for coyotes, raccoons, skunks, bobcats and many more other species.
Jackalope Junction Taxidermy
Contact Info:
Address: 821 Bon Ave. Casper, Wyoming
Phone: 307-436-6932
P.O. Box: 392

Arden Creek Designs
They offer some of the best North American taxidermy mounts available on the market with up-to-date techniques. Each mount is skillfully created by artisans who give the mount a realistic look as they give attention to every little detail.
Arden Creek Designs Taxidermy
Contact Info:
Address: 2433 County 60 Road Loon Lake, NY 12989
Phone: 518-891-4518

Adirondack Reflections
They offer taxidermy services for pheasant and also for other animals such as: white tail, moose, buffalo, antelope.
Adirondack Reflections Taxidermy
Contact Info:
Address: 10913 Rte. 9N, Keene, New York 12942
Phone: 518-576-4318
Fax: 518-576-9549
P.O. Box: 236

Artistic Compositions
Offering taxidermy services not only for pheasant but also for goose, wild turkey and other upland birds, this would be a very wise choice if you are in need of some pheasant taxidermy services.
Artistic Compositions Taxidermy
Contact Info:
Address: 118 CO RD 575 Bridgeport, AL 35740
Phone: 256-495-2596

Birdman Studios
They offer taxidermy services for pheasant (standing and flying), goose, grouse, quail, duck and turkey. They also have mounts for sale if you are interested.
Birdman Studios Taxidermy
Contact Info:
Address: 36740 Freedom Rd Trinidad, CO 81082
Phone: 719-846-4567

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